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4c Haircut Ideas That Look Cute on Anyone

4c haircut ideas that look cute on anyone

Ladies, the moment I have been dreading has come.

As you may know, I did the big chop in February 2020. After years of wondering why my 4c hair doesn’t grow, I decided to start new and have enjoyed my natural hair journey so far.

I am now 6 months in and at first I thought I would rock wigs while my hair is growing out and then switch over to some cute protective style for winter. 

However, thanks to the pandemic (2020), I have not been able to order any new wigs and I am running out of creative ways to hide my struggling lace front. 

So, I decided it’s time that I wear my teeny weeny 4c afro out and about.

But what to do with 4c hair that is super short? How can I style it in a way that is protective and cute? Especially, when my hair is still too short for an easy 4c hairstyle, like Bantu Knots or flat twists.

Well, I searched the web and Pinterest for 4c haircuts. And lo and behold I found what I was looking for. Three 4c haircut ideas that look cute on anyone! So, as always I am sharing my findings and newfound knowledge with you. 

4c haircut ideas

How do you cut 4c hair?

Whenever I use the words cut and trim on this site, I cringe because the idea of cutting my 4c hair is nerve-racking. Even though we know by now that your natural hair needs regular trims to grow, it’s still my least favorite step.

However, if you want to have a beautiful 4c haircut, then you are not just trimming your natural hair, but actually taking off a few inches.

Yes, you heard me right. While you don’t necessarily need to go for a buzz cut, you will probably have to shave off quite a bit for the following short natural haircuts.

And some of the more experienced natural hair babes out there even do it themselves. Instead of paying an expensive hairstylist, they simply watch a youtube tutorial on how to trim 4c hair. It’s a great way to save a few coins and learn how to master your signature style.

How to cut your 4c hair step-by-step:

No matter if you are attempting a tapered cut or simply want lineups. Here is how to cut 4c hair correctly:

  1. Use hair clippers with different size blade guards
  2. Stretch your hair by combing it thoroughly

Of course, if you feel uneasy cutting your natural hair yourself, you can always visit a barber and get it done professionally.

how do you cut 4c hair

Benefits of short natural 4c haircuts

When it comes to the benefits of short haircuts for 4c natural hair, I have 3 words for you: Easy, quick, and cheap!

Yes, girl. The more hair you have, the more time, effort, and money it will take to maintain your natural hair.

Easy to maintain: While a 4c pixie cut or 4c tapered cut is no excuse to sleep on your 4c hair care regimen, your routine becomes much simpler.

Shorter hair means no twisting and no sectioning off while washing. All you have to do is to keep it moisturized and wrapped overnight. And as long as you regularly get a shape-up (around every two weeks) you spend less time styling the hair in the morning. 

Quick hair care routine: The number one reason I see a lot of curly girls cut their 4c hair, is because it cuts down styling time immensely. You spend less time washing, deep-conditioning, and detangling your hair.

That alone is a major incentive to get a short 4c haircut. And no worries, even though your hair care routine might be shorter, it is still effective and will keep your hair from shedding and breaking.

Less product use: Girl! Can we talk about how expensive 4c hair products can be? I mean between the shampoo, deep conditionerco-wash, and natural hair oils you easily spend more than $60 USD every time you have to re-stock. And that is a lot!

That’s why having to care for less hair and using fewer products can be a big motivator to getting a cute 4c haircut. If those points aren’t motivating you to try out short 4c haircut styles, then I don’t know what will.

And don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for long hair and definitely trying to grow out my 4c hair to medium length. However, I am enjoying these short natural 4c hairstyles while I can.

Of course, these haircuts do not just come with pros. There are also a few disadvantages to them, such as less creativity. But that really depends on what you like. Besides, short natural 4c hair tends to grow pretty fast. That means you’ll be back to rocking braid-outs or box braids in no time. 

Best short 4c haircuts

In a previous post, I shared a few cute and classy big chop hairstyles that I really like. But I figured since I’m talking specifically about haircuts, I might as well feature 4c hairstyles that you can only achieve by using clippers. 

Tapered cut on 4c hair

Probably the most popular natural hairstyle for short hair is the tapered 4c haircut. It’s a low-maintenance style that can be edgy or elegant depending on how you style it. While the nape and sides are short you can keep your beautiful curly crown up top.

And whenever you are feeling creative you can switch it up by using perm rod sets or do a twist out to give it a little texture. Definitely a great option for black women that love a modern look.

4c tapered natural haircut

Buzzcut on 4c hair

The second shortcut style is the buzzcut. This style does not take much work or much time and will make your facial features pop! In order to achieve a buzzcut with your 4c hair, you can either trim off a few inches or start fresh with a clean shave.

Because it is so low maintenance, it will save you tons of time in the morning and on wash day. And if you are feeling adventurous you can even amp it up with different colors. 

tapered natural hairstyles with the undercut

Pixie cut on 4c hair

Next, we have one of my favorite styles for African American women, the pixie cut! A hairstyle I am dying to try. I know that it means I would have to straighten my fro. But I don’t mind since I could just cut off the textured part a couple of months later.

The pixie cut is not just iconic and sexy but also extremely low-maintenance. So, if you have wanted to try it ever since Halle Berry introduced us to it, then it’s time you try it out.

very short natural 4c hairstyles

Teeny Weeny Afro on 4c hair (TWA)

As the natural hair community grows and fights to normalize African American hair in its most natural state, women everywhere are embracing the teeny weeny afro, also called TWA.

A super cute look for women with type 4c hair. Simply use a wide comb or Denman Brush to create a small afro. You can style it in a side part, or use some hair gel to define your curls. One cut, different styles.

short haircuts for 4c natural hair

Finger Coils on 4c hair

Last but certainly not least, we have Finger Coils. While you don’t need straight hair to achieve this stunning style, it is definitely a hairstyle that is more suited for people with tight curls and slightly longer hair.

The best way to master finger coils is by styling your hair after deep conditioning it. Then focus on one small section at a time and twirl your hair around your finger. It takes a fairly long time to get that defined curl pattern, but it’s worth it. This natural hairstyle is also very popular with black men.

short 4c haircuts

What styles are good for 4c hair?

When it comes to caring for your 4c hair type, a rule of thumb is that any protective hairstyle is good for you. That means any style that manipulates your natural hair texture as little as possible.

If hair growth is important to you right now, the best thing you can do is to choose a simple hairstyle. A 4c tapered natural haircut or teeny weeny afro are great options. 

Which one of these 4c haircut ideas have you tried before? Comment below!

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