4c ponytail hairstyles

I don’t know about you, but it is way too hot outside to wear your natural hair out. And by out, I mean anything else but tucked away from your face, lol.

However, this summer, we are in a soft life/ clean girl era, which means less is more. And I had to figure out a way to make it work and bring it to 4chairstyles.com.

That’s when it dawned on me. The best hairstyle for a cute but heat-friendly look is a ponytail. 


So, I looked up all the cure 4c hairstyles that I could find, and here we are. 

How do you get a sleek ponytail with 4c hair?

As always, before I show you all the beautiful natural ponytail hairstyles for black hair that I found, I gotta give you some instructions. 

I mean, if you came to 4chairstyles.com then you might be asking yourself how to smooth 4c hair in a sleek ponytail. And I had the same question when I first started my natural hair journey. 

You see, I have very tight 4c coils, and that sleek look can be hard to achieve at times. But thanks to a lot of research I figured out a way to master my favorite style, including different ponytail styles. 

The above steps are the basic steps to achieve a smooth look. However, depending on the style you are choosing, your ponytail could be high or low or even to the side. 

Easy 4c ponytail hairstyles

1) High Puff

First, on my list of 4c natural hair ponytail styles is the high puff. This classic and practical drawstring ponytail is a must for every black woman.


Because it’s a great way to make it through a bad hair day or week and because it’s one of the most authentic-looking hairstyles as well as the perfect protective style

Watch this YouTube video for an easy tutorial. 

2) Kinky Curly Ponytail 

The second 4c hair-friendly style is the kinky curly ponytail. Not to be mistaken, but somehow similar, this ponytail favors the high puff. 

You can get the look by using a ponytail hair extension or kinky coarse clip-ins. Whatever looks more like your real hair. 

This kinky curly ponytail is super popular with girls who already have naturally curly hair, but want to add some length or mass. 

Follow the steps in this video to achieve the look. 

3) Top Knot Ninja Bun

Now this chic hairstyle is theoretically not a ponytail. Nevertheless, I felt like it belongs on his list. 

The top knot ninja bun is a simple protective hairstyle, perfect for summer because it gives you the same snatched look as a ponytail, but with less hair everywhere. 

While you don’t use a hairpiece for this look, it’s still a very easy installation. The simplest way to achieve the top knot bun is by using regular braiding hair. However, you can also use Marley hair for a more kinky texture. 

Mona B. Shares a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the top knot bun here

4) Afro Bubble Ponytail  

Okay, we have officially made it to the spicy part of the 4c ponytail hairstyles. And to kick it off I wanted to share a super trendy style. 

The afro bubble ponytail!

Natural girls all over YouTube have featured this look and at first, seemed pretty intimidating, but it’s not much harder than a regular long ponytail. 

All you need is a big pack of some expressions and a few rubber bands. 

I’m not gonna lie though, it’s not ideal for short 4c natural hair, because you need a little bit of extra length to attach the weave. 

Here is a great example, in case you want to try it out. 

5) Rubber Band Ponytail 

Ponytail No.5 has a little fun twist to it. Instead of simply slicking back your natural hair with gel, you use rubber bands. 

Say what?!

The rubber band ponytail is the perfect low-maintenance style for shorter hair. Because regardless of your hair type, you can sleek down the hair thanks to the small parts. 

It’s a great alternative to the regular high ponytail and also a super cute hairstyle for little girls. 

Watch one of my favorite natural hair YouTubers slay this here

6) Jumbo Braid Ponytail

The jumbo braid ponytail is probably one of the 4c ponytail hairstyles all of us have seen or even tried before. It’s a timeless chic hairstyle you want to add to your list. 

This style follows the basic sleek down process and then simply attaches a braided ponytail. Most natural girls will use expression hair to create a chick, long goddess braid. 

To get the best results, you will need a lot of hair extensions. 

Follow this video, for the exact steps

7) Feed-in Braids Ponytail 

Talk about a great protective style – the feed-in braids ponytail. The perfect mix between the practicality of simple cornrows and the elegance of the ponytail. This cute hairstyle is exactly what busy women need. 

It doesn’t only last a long time but also takes away the hassle of having to style your 4c hair daily. All you need is to maintain it with a little coconut oil. 

While I have never been able to do feed-in braids on my own hair, this tutorial shows you how

8) Sleek Ponytail with straight weave

I know I have used the word sleek a few times already. But this time I really mean it. The following three 4c ponytail hairstyles all have one thing in common. They may require you to make use of heating tools. 

While I don’t recommend chemical straightening, I do suggest blow drying or flat ironing your natural hair, if needed. 

The straight your hair is, the better. Especially, if you are adding a straight weave to the ponytail like in this tutorial

9) Sleek Ponytail with curly weave

No. 9 is another sleek ponytail, but this time with a curly add-on. 

Like above, I suggest straightening your real hair, however, this time there is a heat-free way to do it. By simply stretching your hair, you should be able to pull off the look, considering the curly ponytail will favor the rest of your hair. 


Check out this beautiful sleek ponytail with a curly weave here

10) Sleek Swoop Ponytail

Tired of sleek ponytails yet? Well, I just had to include the sleek swoop ponytail here, because it’s a 90’s classic. I mean you remember Aaliyah and even Brittney.

Whether you are going for the Barbie doll look, with the side part and a high updo, or are going more for an elegant low ponytail or low bun, the swoop elevated this sleek ponytail on 4c natural hair. 

And the best part is, it even works on short hair.

If you want to try it out, then take a look at this viral video, where she slayed the hairstyle. 

What products do you need for a sleek ponytail? 

In order to perfect a sleek ponytail, you need the right products and tools. 

  • Wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to properly detangle your hair prior to styling
  • Rat tooth comb, in case you have to part your natural hair 
  • Edge brush to lay your edges down and style them 
  • Hair tie to tie your hair together
  • A blow dryer to stretch your hair, if preferred
  • Bobby pins to secure the hair extensions
  • Heat protectant to protect your hair from the heat of the hot tools
  • Gel or edge control to sleek down your hair and catch fly-aways

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