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About Me

Hi, I’m Justine, the author and 4c hair Naturalista behind

I have been on my natural hair journey since 2020. I am a very good hair braider, and love trying out new hairstyles.

I created this blog to help women like me, with raw 4c hair, get more creative and find ways to style their natural hair.

Because having 4c hair can sometimes feel like a challenge. And I’m here to change that.

young black woman with a natural hair halo braid wearing a brown tank top

The first thing that I remember learning about my 4c hair growing up in Germany as a black child to African immigrants is feeling different. 

And to be more specific, I felt like my hair was ugly. 

It wasn’t as soft or silky as that of my peers and it definitely wasn’t as long as theirs. 

And I mean what else does a little girl wish for more than long hair? 

Unfortunately, the education about my hair at home wasn’t much better. My mom came from a culture and era in which wearing your natural 4c hair out meant looking “crazy”. 

So she toiled away every 6-8 weeks to braid the hair of her 4 daughters. 

And whenever it wasn’t braided, it had to be relaxed in order to look “clean”. 

Needless to say, I continued that thinking late into my teens. The only difference was rocking fewer braids, and more weaves. 

Of course, long beautiful straight non-natural-looking hair. 

I loved that hair, what I didn’t love was my hair. 


I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2017!

They say knowledge is power and that’s the first time I really understood that saying. 

Because suddenly I was in a place where the majority of black women were rocking their natural hair. Beautiful 4b and 4c curls, ponytails, slick backs, and high puffs.

I was shocked and inspired. 

But even more so, I was determined. 

Determined to figure out how they had done it so that I could do it too. 

That summer also became the last time I ever relaxed my hair.

At the time I didn’t know it, but I started transitioning. 

During the next 2 years, I learned more about hair care and started using black hair care products instead of generic grocery store products. 

I started wearing wigs instead of weaves which meant manipulating my hair. 

And I slowly started trying out my first few 4c hairstyles. I was hooked, but my hair wasn’t doing what I needed it to do.

Turns out after years and years of manipulating it, it was too tired and too broken.

My big chop before and after_Justine Mfulama

So in March 2020, I made the decision to chop it all off. 

I went straight-up bald and LOVED IT. 

For 2 weeks straight I kept telling everybody how I felt free. Because I did. There was something very freeing and empowering about being bald.

But that is a story for another day. Because that’s only when my natural hair journey started. 

And it is the moment was born. 

This website is like my own personal log book as well as a style book for all things natural 4c hair hairstyles. 

With the goal to inspire you and me to find joy in our natural hair texture and hence feel more inclined to take better care of it. 

My natural hair journey_justine mfulama

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I hope this website provides you with all the tips and tools you need to truly fall in love with your natural hair.

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