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Best Combs For 4c Hair

combs for 4c hair

When it comes to the 4c hair type there is no tool that has more effect on your hair retention and hair growth like this one – the comb.

Because our hair is much more tightly coiled and therefore at greater risk of damage, we have to be extra careful during the detangling process to avoid losing big chunks of hair.

This means that you want to optimize how to detangle your 4c hair.

To take it a step further, you want to use optimal products. And those can come in the form of the best detangling brushes for natural 4c hair or simple combs.

In this post, I’m focusing on the latter. Read on to find out about the best combs or 4c hair.

Should you comb 4c hair?

Absolutely, yes. But more specifically you want to detangle 4c hair.

What does that mean? Well, contrarily to our caucasian friends, we can’t just walk around combing our hair all day for no reason. Coily hair will tangle up and then break if you fiddle with it too much.

So instead, combing 4c hair needs to serve a purpose.

In this case, it’s detangling it and making sure that the hair strands are stretched and ready to be styled in a protective style. Or if you are wearing it out, then you leave it be.

This is especially important when you are looking to grow your 4c hair. Here you want to ensure length retention, which is only possible if you avoid split ends and hair breakage.

How to comb 4c hair

What comb should I use for 4c hair?

The best comb for 4c hair is hands down a wide-tooth comb. If you have African hair, this needs to be a staple. Its wide teeth allow you to get between the tight curls and work on your hair in sections.

A wide-tooth comb is both, gentle and effective and if used carefully and cautiously you will experience less breakage than if you were to use a fine-tooth comb.

However, different hair types may require different combs to achieve the best results. And what works for me may not work for you. So below I share different types of combs and brushes that are well-suited for 4c natural hair.

Best combs for 4c hair

If you have 4c hair, choosing the right comb and detangling products is important for maintaining healthy natural hair.

Because 4c hair can be dry and brittle at times, I only share products that have been recommended in the natural hair community and that we know work for kinky hair especially. Here are some of the best combs for 4c hair:

1. Wide Tooth Comb

Obviously, I already mentioned this one above as the best comb for 4c hair, which is why it occupies spot number 1. Wide-tooth combs are a good choice for 4c hair because they are gentle and won’t snag or pull on the hair. They are also great for detangling and can help to prevent hair breakage.

2. Afro pick

The good old afro pick used to be the only kind of comb my mom would trust growing up. And for good reason. It’s a great option when you need to style your hair. Let’s say you just did a twist out and now want to fluff up your hair, the afro pick would be the right tool. It’s also great for parting your hair and getting those clean lines or for a gentle scalp massage.

3. Shower Detangler

I’m not even gonna lie but I did not know the name of this type of comb until I researched it. But the shower detangler definitely deserves a shoutout, because it’s the brush that always comes through on wash day when you have to deal with wet hair. It has longer teeth which make it easy to work through thick and long hair. And thanks to the long and firm grip, the comb does not slip in your hands.

4. Tangle Teezer

So here is the thing, the tangle teezer in my opinion counts as a comb as well as detangling brush. Which makes it perfectly suited for natural black hair. I actually like using the tangle teezer after I loosely detangled my hair with my fingers. That’s when I divide my hair into small sections and now work on the individual tangle with the tangle teezer. It’s also perfect for defining your curls and coils.

5. Back grip pocket comb

Lastly, we have the back grip pocket comb, which I honestly use the most. It’s a sturdy plastic comb that works well with all hair textures. The benefit of this comb is the back grip that makes it easy to use as well as the durable wide teeth. Regardless of the amount of hair you might have, this comb will get through it with ease, wet or dry. It’s one of my favorite hair tools due to its longevity and practicality.

Those are my five favorite combs for 4c hair and I’m sure they will make a great addition to your hair care routine as well.

With the right comb for your 4c hair, you can keep your tresses healthy and well cared for. Just remember to use a gentle touch and avoid pulling or tugging on the hair to prevent breakage.

Should you comb 4c hair every day?

Absolutely not, you should not comb 4c hair every day! The process puts too much strain and tension on the hair, thus leading to hair damage.

Instead of combing 4c hair every day, you want to part and style your hair by finger detangling it gently. This will remove tangles and knots if needed.

However, it is best to avoid pulling or tugging your hair as much as possible to avoid breakage.

The most I comb my hair is twice a week if it is not in a protective style. That usually includes wash day as well as the mid-week refresh with some water and leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle.

wide tooth comb for 4c hair

How to comb 4c hair?

The best way to detangle and comb 4c hair is when your hair is still wet. That’s when your curls are more flexible and you’ll have more luck removing tangles and knots.

Here is a step-by-step process to help you make detangling 4c hair easier and more effective.

  • Start off with damp hair. If it’s wash day make sure not to dry your hair completely. If it’s not wash day, simply spray your hair with water and apply a leave-in conditioner to soften your natural hair.
  • Next, divide your hair into four sections by finger-combing through it. If needed, use hair ties or butterfly clamps to keep the sections apart.
  • Use a comb to gently detangle your hair. Divide your hair into even smaller sections if needed. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the roots.
  • After detangling the section with your comb, feel free to go through it again with a detangling brush, such as the Denman brush.
  • Lastly, braid or two-strand twist the section together to avoid new tangles and knots. Unless, of course, you are blow-drying it next and wearing it out.

That’s pretty much it. All you have to do is be patient and take your time so that you can be as careful as possible.

Moreover, make sure to use the right hair products, like good conditioners and of course the best comb or brush for your natural 4c hair.

best combs for 4c hair

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