Best detangling brush for 4c hair

Ladies, today is a beautiful day! Because after 2 years of taking phenomenal care of my 4c hair and experiencing amazing growth thanks to my big chop, I am finally in need of a detangling brush. 

A simple wide-tooth comb unfortunately doesn’t do it for me anymore. Instead, I need something more professional to tame my natural 4c hair. 

So, I am officially looking for the best detangling brush for 4c hair. But which one is it? With so many different models on the market, it is very hard to decide.  

This is why I figured, I’d research and test some of the most popular detangling brushes for natural hair and share my opinion with you. 

Do detangler brushes work on 4c hair? 

Before we get into the recommendations I found in the natural hair community, let’s talk about why a detangling brush might be a good investment. 

The main reason why detangling brushed have gained popularity in recent years is because of how much they simplify the detangling process for girls with kinky hair. Wash day can be pretty long and exhausting if you don’t have the right tools, but also painful if you have a sensitive scalp.  

However, with the right detangling brush for black hair, you lessen the tension while still working through those stubborn knots. But, of course not every brush is optimized for 4c hair. 

What is the best detangling brush for 4c hair? 

Even though I researched and tested a number of different brushes, which I’m going to share with you below, I did find my favorite. The best detangling brush for 4c hair is the BESTOOL detangling brush. Thanks to its flexible head it easily detangles coil and kinky hair without damage. But I share even more details later. 

1) Tangle Teezer

First up is the Tangle Teezer detangling brush. I’m not gonna lie, it was the first one I tested and claimed to be the ultimate detangler. This is why I had very high hopes. Unfortunately, I am not too impressed. 

The brush itself has long and firm bristles that work their way through tangles but does struggle to get knots out. For girls like me with very tight hair textures, it means that we have to divide the hair into very small sections. Which is fine, but definitely does not save you time. 

While I can see that this brush may work for girls with looser curls, I do not think it’s the right one for coarse hair.

One thing I did enjoy, however, is using the brush for styling.

2) BESTOOL Detangling Brush

The second brush I used and actually invested in was this baby – the BESTOOL detangling brush. As you read above it is the official winner for some very good reasons, but in case you need more. Here: 

First of all, this detangling brush, unlike others, can actually be used on wet and dry hair! Yes, Lord! No idea why nobody else ever brings it up, but sometimes I just want to go through my hair without having to repeat my whole natural hair routine. Like, give me a break! 

To give you a visual, the BESTOOL detangling brush has a very unique design. It has free comb arms, which can be adjusted with a control bar insert. That little detail helps you choose how wide you want the brush to spread. 

In addition, it has an ergonomic handle that allows for flexibility and avoids pulling and snagging your natural 4c hair. The comb literally slides through my hair with minimal breakage and detangles it incredibly easily. 

My wash time was cut in half! Get it now why it’s the best detangling brush for 4c hair!

3) Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

Okay okay okay, it’s time to talk about the celebrity under the detangling brushes. Felicia leatherwood’s detangling brush apparently had every woman with a 4c hair type talking a few years ago. She is the hairstylist of none other than the natural hairstyle queen herself, Issa Rae. 

So when she announced her newest product, went crazy. Well, not me.

 Y’all may not know this, but your girl is not rich. So I don’t buy every product I review on this site but oftentimes borrow them. That’s exactly what I did with this brush. I asked my friend who has a 4b hair type and raves about this brush if I could borrow it for a weekend.

Thankfully I did because my fears were confirmed. After using the Felicia Leatherwood detangling brush, I would not recommend it for 4c hair, especially not as a detangling tool. The brush has a very wide handle and feels rather stiff, which makes combing through my hair harder and more exhausting. 

The one thing I did notice, however, is that the brush did a very good job of defining my curls. If you are someone that rocks wash’n’go hairstyles, you will appreciate how the Felicia leatherwood detangler brush defines and clumps your curls together after you apply your conditioning hair products. 

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