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Best edge control for 4c hair in 2024

Best edge control for 4c hair

Hey, girl hey. I’m back with another product review because we are quickly approaching summer.

If you are new here, my name is Justine, the author behind this blog and I have completely natural 4C hair.

This means my edges are super coily and hard to lay down in the heat.

So I figured, I’d share my favorite edge controls for natural 4C hair.

young black woman with short natural hair smiling into the camera

Here is a preview of the best edge controls for natural 4C hair. For more details, read up on each product further below. 

Hair GelKey BenefitsPrice
Gummy Hair Styling WaxBest edge control gel for achieving flawless sleek ponytails and hairstyles.$9.49 on Amazon
EBIN New York 24-hour Edge TamerAll-natural edge control that is very absorbent and doesn’t feel sticky.$13.95 on Amazon
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect EdgesMedium hold while adding shine and moisture.$12.50 on Amazon
ORS Olive Oil edge controlSuper light, gives you a strong hold and leaves a sleek shine$10.00 on Amazon
Murray’s Edgewax Extreme holdA safe choice for girls with soft or relaxed natural hair.$5.95 on Amazon
The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control
Keeps your edges well moisturized and healthy.$9.99 on Brand Site
Black Panther Edge and Braid ControlPerfect for styling your edges, especially when in braids.$5.00
on Amazon

Best edge control for 4c hair

1. Gummy Hair Styling Wax

small tub of gummy hair styling wax

The best edge control I have personally ever tried is the Gummy Hair Styling Wax!

Omg if I tell you that this edge control will transform your 4c hairstyles from flaky and not so long-lasting to sleek and weather-resistant.

I have been using it for less than 6 months and I do not plan to ever go back to another. This hairstyling wax will lay your edges for the Gods as you can see in the picture of me above.

It’s very thick and truly feels like wax.

Because of its consistency, a little goes a long way. You don’t need much especially if your hair is pre-stretched or even straightened.

It’s a must-try and therefore number one on this list.

2. EBIN New York 24-hour Edge Tamer

black hand holding tub of EBIN New York 24-hour Edge Tamer in front of the sink
  • Extreme firm hold
  • Humidity-resistant 
  • Long-lasting

Number two is the last edge control I’ve tried and it is quickly coming up the ranks.

Why? Because it really works!

I currently live in #hotaf Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where the temperatures are a consistent 80 degrees and up.

Meaning most edge controls don’t work. 

But the EBIN edge tamer does its thing

It is an all-natural edge control that is very absorbent and doesn’t feel sticky on your hair at all.

Whenever I use it, it lays down my edges perfectly and stays on for most of the day (remember I live on the Caribbean coast).

But I am convinced that it would last the full 24 hours in normal weather. 

So, if you are looking for an extreme firm-hold edge control that can slay even very coarse 4c hair without looking too dry or flaky, then this is the best edge control for your 4c hair.

3. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges

  • Infused with Argan oil
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Medium hold

Okay, first things first. Depending on which product you choose this edge control actually promises extra firm hold that lasts up to 48 hours.

Now, I used the regular hold one and can tell you from experience it did provide medium hold at best. 

Even though the Creme of Nature Argan Oil perfect edges is a pretty nice product that adds shine and moisture to your hair because of the argan oil from Morocco.

I did not feel like it did what it promised. At least not to my very resistant 4c hair.

However, if you are looking for a good edge control for hair growth rather than hold, then I would recommend this one.

It’s a good edge control if you are only looking to tame your hair for a few hours and keep your hair soft. While there is a little build-up, it is not flaky or dry.

4. ORS Olive Oil edge control

  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Superior hold
  • Contains wheat protein

Okay now, let’s get into one of my favorite edge controls. The ORS Olive Oil edge control. It’s the first edge control I used once I realized I was allergic to castor oil and it’s been great ever since. 

While it is not as effective in the boiling heat of Mexico, I loved using it when I was in Atlanta. 

It’s super light, gives you a strong hold, and leaves a sleek shine. It always slicks and holds down my edges without hardening my 4c hair, which I love.

It’s the best edge control for 4c hairstyles that require a clean look. 

But the reason why I would have to say that it is the best edge control for 4c hair is because it actually protects my hairline pretty well.

I have never experienced hair loss from this edge control, which I believe is due to the alcohol-free formula it uses. 

And even though it does not hold for as long as the EBIN edge tamer, I still prefer its consistency better on my natural hair.

5. Murray’s Edgewax Extreme hold

black hand holding  Murray’s Edgewax
  • 100% Australian beeswax
  • Thick consistency 
  • High shine

Now, this product is a little different from the previously mentioned edge controls. Murray’s Edgewax is a premium gel combined with 100% Australian beeswax. 

What does that mean? It’s a lot thicker than most other edge controls and therefore provides a great hold.

When I first used it I was pleasantly surprised because it feels like a pomade, but has the hold of edge control. 

However, I do have to mention that it is quite heavy and greases up.

Meaning once it’s applied on your 4c hair it leaves a thick layer on your hair and quickly absorbs it into your hair/ scalp.

In my case, that meant that after 30 minutes my hair just looked greasy. 

But I do believe that it is a safe choice for you if your 4c hair is thin/soft or relaxed. So, pick up Murray’s Edgewax Extreme hold here.

6. The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control

  • Vitamins and nutrients
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Adds shine

If you would have asked me last year” does edge control grow hair?”.

I would probably have laughed. But that was before I used The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control.

This edge control truly keeps your edges healthy.

I tried it out for a few days and I didn’t have any breakage or dryness. The hair stayed well moisturized and healthy.

And you know you found a good edge control if it nourishes your hair while also providing maximum hold.

It is also one of the only edge controls I used that didn’t leave any residue or made my edges look white and flaky. 

And last but not least, it’s pretty shiny, which makes it a great edge control for cute 4c hair buns and up-dos.

I give The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control two thumbs up because it is with no doubt the best edge control for hair growth while also slaying your baby hair.

7. Black Panther Edge and Braid Control

  • Perfect for braids
  • Keeps your edges clean for up two days
  • Fruity smell

Of course, I could not make a list of the best edge control for 4c hair without mentioning the best edge control for braids.

For all my braids and twist lovers, let me introduce to you the Black Panther Edge and Braid Control

This edge control reminds me of the Shine N Jam gel, which I prefer when braiding my hair.

But it works very similarly with the difference that it feels more like a pomade.

However, less greasy than Murray’s Beeswax. 

It’s also non-flaking and can easily be used daily because it quickly absorbs into your hair. 

While I would not consider it maximum hold, I do think that it’s great for braids because it slicks back your hair enough to make the protective style look clean and sleek. 

These are my recommendations when it comes to the best edge control for 4c hair.

If you prefer using gels to lay down your edges, then check out my post on the best gels for 4c hair.

side and front angle of a woman with laid down edges and cornrows

What is the best edge control for natural hair?

Now let’s discuss how natural hair girls should choose their edge control items. Even though most of us have type 4c hair, we might not all use the same products.

4c hair can differ in many ways. From curl pattern to density to porosity. 

And because of that, you will have to try out a few different ones before you find the best edge control products for your natural hair. 

Now, I’m not gonna lie I do have a favorite one.

Yes, if you ask me what edge control is best for 4c hair, I would have to say this amazing brand, because it lays my natural hair edges all the way down.

It has maximum hold and is long-lasting but doesn’t feel sticky or leave residue. 

So, if it works on my very coarse hair, it will surely work on yours as well.

young black woman with short straight hair laughing while sitting on the ground

What is edge control?

As always I want you ladies to make an informed decision with the products you use on your 4c hair.

Especially, if you are natural and aiming to preserve the health of your hair

Because using the wrong edge control gel can easily lead to hair breakage and shedding

So what are the key ingredients in edge control?

That was a serious question of mine and what I found is that edge control is usually made of gelatin and essential oils. That is of course if you make it yourself. 

The factory edge controls we tend to use, however, easily include several chemicals most of us can’t pronounce, including alcohol.

black woman applying edge control to natural 4c hair section by section using a wide tooth comb and fingers.

Is edge control good for your hair?

As mentioned above a lot of the edge controls we use contain alcohol, meaning it dries out your hair in order to hold your hair in place.

Which is the desired outcome of using edge control. 

The problem, however, is that the combination of an alcohol-containing product and the tension used to slick back hair can really break your 4c hair.

Especially, your baby hairs that are particularly prone to damage. 

So, what can you do?

To avoid damaging your hair when using edge control, you should: 

  • Use edge control that moisturizes and does not include a lot of alcohol/ fragrance
  • Wash out your hair in between using edge controls/ gels
  • Get a soft edge brush or toothbrush to slick back your edges gently

These few tips will keep your edges in place while taking good care of them.

black woman with box braids looking into the distance

How do I make my 4c hair lay down?

Now that you have a list of the best edge control gels for 4c hair to choose from, let me help you out a little more and share how to lay down your baby hairs if you have a 4c hair type.

Because we all know these 4c hair edges are different.

You can follow these steps, regardless of whether you have relaxed hair, curly hair, or are wearing one of these popular protective styles.

To achieve the best results, make sure that your hair is properly moisturized.

As always, I suggest that you apply the L.O.C. method before using any hair gel.

So, go ahead and apply a good leave-in conditioner, some coconut oil or jojoba oil, and a cream such as shea butter.

Don’t use too much oil, so that the gel still works later. Then apply your edge control of choice and lay smooth your edges down with an edge brush.

You can create some cute swoops or fancy ringlets. It’s totally up to you!

Once you are done with the design, use a silk scarf to wrap your hair and keep it on for at least 30 minutes.

Once your hair is dry, remove the scarf, and voila, you have smooth edges.

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