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10 Classy and Cute Big Chop Hairstyles

10 classy and cute big chop hairstyles

Obviously, this page is dedicated to 4c hairstyles. And we know that more and more black women decide to go natural nowadays. 

And one of the best ways to give your natural hair a fresh start and a chance to grow back longer, thicker, and healthier is by doing the 4c hair big chop.

By either cutting off all the relaxed ends of your hair or cut off all your hair into a very very short style (sometimes bald), you get rid of your unhealthy hair.

However, hair takes a while to grow back, especially if you desire to rock beautiful short 4c hairstyles, medium-length 4c hairstyles, or install 4c hair extensions.

So what to do after the big chop? 

Of course, you could hide your new cut under a beautiful 4c hair wig. But I have a better idea! I assorted a number of simple but cute big chop hairstyles that will help you transition with style. 

10 Classy and Cute Big Chop Hairstyles

1. Tapered Cut

big chop hairstyles

A beautiful big chop hairstyle when you need to cut off most of your edges to gain back a healthy hairline is the short tapered cut on 4c natural hair

This natural haircut gets shorter in length as it goes down the back and behind the ears. Because of the long hair on top, you can perfectly style them into cute curls, locks and knots. 

Lorissa Nelson shows us how to get bomb curls on a tapered cut here

2. Defined Curls (Curl Sponge) 

no curl pattern after big chop

A great big chop protective style is of course to define your curls. This very simple, but cute look is a perfect everyday hairstyle because it only takes a few minutes. 

By using a hair sponge women with 4c hair are able to achieve defined curls, coils, and even twists. 

To find out how to use the hair sponge, take a look at this video.

3. 360 Waves

how to big chop transitioning hair

360 waves, also called natural waves or brush waves are actually a very popular hairstyle for black men. If you have any brothers, male friends, or boyfriends that are attempting 360 waves, then you are familiar with the constant bristle hairbrush in their hand. 

But this hairstyle looks equally as good on black women. 

If you want to know how to create 360 waves the right way, then this video will give you a great beginner-friendly introduction. 

4. Brush Less Waves 

big chop 4c hair

If you want to take your wave game up a notch from the 360 waves and don’t want to brush your hair excessively, then this method might be for you. 

With this style, your hair is prepped for the waves while you are washing your hair with shampoo

Super simple and definitely worth a try. For a quick tutorial click here

5. Wash N Go

big chop hairstyles for round face

The whole point of the big chop is to grow your hair back healthy and with as little strain on it as possible. 

While a good gel and edge control don’t hurt from time to time, sometimes it’s nice to give your hair just a little break from heavy products. 

So if you want to know how to achieve a soft Wash ‘N’ Go, watch Nia Hope slay the look. 

6. Finger Coils

the big chop before and after

Finger Coils are a great styling option for 4c hair because it lasts up to two weeks, which means less maintenance on your part. 

And the best part is, that all you need for this low-maintenance technique are your fingers and the big chop natural hair products of your choice. 

This finger coil tutorial is very easy to follow and will definitely increase your interest to try it out. 

7. Slick Down Style

big chop going natural

There is nothing more time-consuming than trying to slick down your natural 4c hair. And the shorter the hair, the harder it seems to get. 

However, that very elegant Amber Rose inspired style is perfect for a romantic night out or a classy Sunday brunch. 

And with a lot of patience and gel, you can eventually make the look work even after your big chop. 

Don’t believe me? Well, check it out for yourself here

8. Mold and Go

what to do after the big chop

Those of you who know about short hair, know that the perfect mold is everything and will make you go from o to 10 in minutes. 

However, if you are not a professional it can be hard to sculpt the hair not the perfect mold because there is a definite technique to it. 

But as always, I roamed the internet for you ladies and found a very detailed tutorial on how to mold your short 4c hair. 

9. Finger Waves

big chop protective styles

Finger Waves are a great hairstyle for natural hair that is between 2-4 inches short. And yes, it works even better if you have relaxed hair. 

This sleepy style requires a lot of gel but will have you turn heads wherever you go. 

If you feel like an Amateur, then this how-to video will make you feel better.

10. Perm Rod Set

short natural hair styles

Last but certainly not least, we had to feature this beautiful style in our list of big chop hairstyles for smooth and bouncy curls without using heat. 

Perm rods on natural 4c hair have been a thing for short to medium-length hairstyles for a while, but did you know that you can use them even if you recently cut off most of your hair?

This look is a versatile protective style and is perfect for transitioning hair. 

Watch this video on how to get a perfect perm rod set on very short natural hair. 

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