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How To Get 4c Hair To Hang Down

how to get 4c hair to hang down

If there is one thing that I love doing, then it’s asking other women in the natural hair community how they managed a certain style. And last month it was how in the hell do you get your 4c hair to hang down like that.

After a few minutes of talking about our 4c hair texture, hair care products, and so forth I got all the tea and decided to try it on my own hair.

Well, let me just say this, I’m going to have to continue practicing for a while before I can share my pictures. But that’s the beauty of the natural hair journey, you get better over time.

And because I don’t gatekeep I figured I’d still share my new knowledge about how to get 4c hair to hang down.

Can I change the direction in which my hair grows?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the direction in which your hair grows. The direction of your hair growth is one of the things that is pre-determined by genetics, which you can’t do anything about.

However, there are ways to get 4c hair to lay down which I am sharing below.

Why your 4c hair won’t lay down

Before I share the step-by-step process on how to get 4c hair to lay down, I figured it might be helpful to understand some of the reasons why your natural curls are standing up at the moment.

  • Hair length: If your 4c hair is too short it is more likely to stick up. Simply because the natural curl pattern of curly and kinky hair is upwards and outwards rather than downwards. So, if it’s in a teeny weeny afro, it’s closer to your scalp and sticking out. But once your natural hair is long enough you can help it out a little more to lay down.
  • Hair shrinkage: Another very common reason why your hair is not laying down if you have a kinky hair type is because of shrinkage. Healthy 4c hair is known for its tight coils which are actually a sign of healthy hair. And after washing your hair, the hair strands bounce back into those tight coils. Thankfully, there is something you can do about it, which I discuss below.
  • Wrong products: Depending on your hair porosity, you actually may be using the wrong products for the look. Meaning that you may have to try out products you usually would not use in order to achieve a defined curl pattern that will help your natural hair lay down.
  • No curl definition: Lastly, your 4c hair may not hang down simply because your curls are not defined.

Now that you understand some of the reasons why your 4c hair is not laying down, let’s move into how to achieve the best results.

how to get 4c hair to lay down

How do I get my 4c hair to hang down?

As mentioned above, getting 4c hair to hang down is all about understanding your natural kinky and coily texture, and using the right products and styling techniques. So, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this look:

1. Deep condition

The most important ingredient to get your 4c hair to hang down is water. A lot of water. So the best way to get started with this mission is by deep conditioning your natural hair and giving it the moisture it needs. You can use any one of the many natural hair deep conditioners and follow your usual wash day routine. The longer you let your hair sit with the product, the better.

2. Moisturize your hair

Another good way to get your hair to lay down is to moisturize your hair with a heavy leave-in conditioner. Choose a conditioner that is creamy and thick as opposed to watery and lightweight. That will weigh your hair down and therefore help with the hang-down effect. In addition, you can opt to add a gel or shea butter afterward which will make your hair even heavier.

3. Stretch your hair

As mentioned prior, 4c hair can shrink up to 75% of its length when it is dry, so stretching it out can help make it appear longer and help you achieve the look of hanging hair. You can do flat twists, braid outs, or even straw sets. Whichever curl method you prefer to stretch it out. Remember to twist or braid your hair in the direction you want it to go and secure it with bobby pins if needed. Once twisted, let it dry completely.

4. Tie down your hair after styling

Another easy but good idea is to simply tie down your hair after styling or stretching it. Use a silk scarf to wrap your hair and set it in a downward position. Ideally, you leave it on the entire time your hair is drying and can even sleep on it.

By following these tips, you should be able to get your 4c hair to lay down. Note that it may take time to see results and you may need to experiment with different methods to find what works best for your hair.

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