How to make 4c hair grow in 5 proven steps

When it comes to growing 4c hair it is important to establish a 4c hair growth regimen that retains length. Compared to other hair types, 4c hair has a very tight curl pattern which leads it to dry out quickly, tangle up faster, and break more easily. 

While these challenges are unique, they are not impossible to solve. And once you learn how to care for your 4c hair daily, you will experience healthier and longer hair. 

The trick in how to get 4c hair to grow is that you need to implement the right combination of products for your hair, as well as avoiding styles that put tension on your hair or encourage tangling. 

5 Proven 4c Hair Growth Tips You Need To Try

So, for all you 4c ladies out there, that like me used to think our hair just doesn’t grow. Here are 5 proven 4c hair growth tips that will enable you to grow your 4c hair faster and longer. 

1. Shampoo the right way

One thing that is of utmost importance in your 4c hair growth journey is moisture. Meaning you need to make sure that your hair stays moisturized at all times. In the beginning, I thought that meant I needed to wash my hair regularly. But that is not true. 

On the contrary, you actually want to avoid shampooing your hair more than twice a month. In order to retain the natural oils of your skin and promote new follicle growth.

However, you also need to make sure you use a shampoo that is not too harsh on your hair. Certain products include ingredients such as sulfate, silicones, and petroleum jelly which block moisture from being absorbed and therefore dry out your scalp. 

That’s why you want to use shampoos that are cream-based and include natural ingredients. 

2. Deep Condition

how to deep condition 4c hair
4c deep conditioning routine by Healthy Afro Hair

Deep conditioning is the most important step when it comes to how to grow 4c hair faster and longer. Because 4c hair tends to dry out quicker and retain less moisture. 

Therefore, giving it a moisture boost through deep conditioning helps to repair the damage, re-establish the fiber’s elasticity, and prevent further breakage. 

Incorporating a deep-conditioner or hair mask in your bi-weekly routine does not have to take long. There are great conditioners that work in just 10-20 minutes and other products you can keep in your hair overnight. 

No matter what deep-conditioning routine you choose to go with, you will see that your hair will get softer and more manageable because of it. 

3. Keep it moisturized (LOC method)

hair growth for 4c hair

By now you understand the name of the game, which is “more moisture”. And the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream) is a popular technique used to keep maximum moisture. 

It consists of three steps. First, you hydrate the hair with a water-based product which is your liquid, next you seal the moisture in with oil and then you apply a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents your hair from losing that moisture. 

Thankfully, the LOC method has been tested and proven to work by so many 4c hair naturalists that it is a surefire way to maximize hair retention. 

All you need to do is to choose the Liquid, Oil, and Cream that best works for you. 

4. Trim

Now, this step may be the most counter-intuitive. Because if you are wondering how to grow 4c hair faster and longer, then trimming it feels like a step back. 

But in order to keep your hair healthy, you actually need to trim it regularly. At least every 6 months, ideally every 4 months. This will help you get rid of split ends and heat damaged hair

It also has the additional benefit, that it reduces frizz and makes the hair easier to detangle.

5. Protective Styles

DIY protective hairstyle
DIY Protective Hairstyle by Toni Olaoye

Now the last step in how to grow long 4c hair is to make more use of protective styles. There is an array of protective hairstyles for natural hair growth that will not put stress on your hair and make caring for it much easier. 

Tight hairstyles, slicked-back buns, and constant wash and go’s can put a strain on fragile hair. 

Therefore, the best thing you can do to encourage 4c natural hair growth is to rock hairstyles that tuck away your ends, retain moisture, and also ensure strong follicles and a relaxed scalp. 

And no worries, they are plenty of beautiful and fun protective hairstyles for 4c hair that you can choose from. Including braids, twists and head wraps.

Growing your hair is not hard or complicated, you simply need a well-thought-through routine. Afterwards, you will see your 4c hair grow faster and longer. 

And if you want to follow along with visually, then watch Latoya’s YouTube video for a detailed tutorial on hair growth for 4c hair.

How to grow 4c hair faster and longer