how to make aloe vera oil for hair growth

As a 4c girl, you and I both know that the most important ingredient for your natural hair is moisture. And a lot of times the harsh weather, the chlorine in the water, and the products that we use can leave our hair dry and stiff. 

Thankfully, a natural resource such as aloe vera is accessible for most of us ladies. The succulent plant is known to be filled with lots of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that promote moisture and improve hair growth

Benefits of aloe vera for hair

The proteolytic enzymes contained in aloe vera repair dead skin cells on the scalp and its anti-inflammatory properties prevent itching and dryness. By using aloe vera for natural hair you help balance your hair’s PH level and increase the blood circulation to your scalp.

A major benefit of aloe vera is also its versatility. The plant can be used in many different ways and therefore fits into almost every natural hair regimen for growth. You can use aloe vera to pre-poo, shampoo, condition, style, detangle, or simply grow your hair by applying the aloe vera oil extract. 

Which is what we will be looking at today. How to use aloe vera hair oil for hair growth!

When applied as oil to specific problem areas you allow the enzymes in the plant to repair dead skin cells and unclog your hair follicles, which brings about new growth.

That’s why I decided to create my very own aloe vera oil at home and am sharing a detailed tutorial on how to make aloe vera oil for hair growth. 

How to make aloe vera oil

steps to make aloe vera oil

There are different ways you can prepare aloe vera oil, but the method that works best for me is by boiling the aloe vera gel with a carrier oil of your choice and olive oil. 

Ingredients needed to make Aloe Vera Oil:

  • Aloe Vera leaf
  • Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The method we are using is very straightforward and you can try it out for yourself right away. 

Steps to make Aloe Vera Oil for hair growth

  1. Rinse the Aloe Vera Leaf 
  2. Cut the aloe leaf into small pieces
  3. Pour some organic coconut oil into a small pot
  4. Add some Extra Virgin Olive oil into the pot
  5. Insert the pieces of aloe vera 
  6. Boil the mixture for about 10 minutes
  7. Let the oil mixture cool down for 10 minutes
  8. Once cooled down, pour the oil without the leaves into a mason jar

As you can see, making aloe vera oil is super quick and easy. Once the oil is cooled down you can keep it stored in a dry space. No need to keep it refrigerated. 

 aloe vera plant for 4c natural hai

How to use aloe vera on hair

The best way to use aloe vera oil is as a pre-poo treatment or sealant. And of course, you can apply the oil to problem areas, such as thinning edges or bald spots. 


Here you use the oil before shampooing your hair. This will remove the buildup and dandruff on your hair, while also moisturizing it. You simply apply it to your hair, massage your scalp and leave it in for ten minutes. After that, you can shampoo or co-wash your hair as usual. 

Leave-in Oil

As mentioned above, you can apply your aloe vera oil to the areas that need some extra help, such as your edges, bald spots, or dry spots. This will unclog your follicles and provide them with the nutrients needed to grow your hair again. 

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