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10 Medium Length 4c Hairstyles That You Will LOVE

medium length 4c hairstyles

Ahh, it feels good to finally be writing this article for this blog. Why? Because it has been a long-time coming for me to even think about needing medium-length 4c hairstyles. 

If you’ve been following my natural hair journey for the past two years, then you know I started this blog shortly before I decided to push the reset button and do the big chop. 

Since then I’ve gone to share with you everything I am learning about the 4c hair type and how to master cute hairstyles on short hair. 

Well, my hair has officially entered the awkward length stage that so many black women are familiar with. It’s when your natural hair is no longer considered a TWA, but also not shoulder-length yet. 

Quite annoying to say the least.

But it also means that my hair is growing. So I’m optimistic and looking forward to the moment when I reach medium-length hair. So much so that I started researching new hairstyles. 


And don’t worry, I searched all over TikTok and Instagram to bring you new trendy hairstyles that are different from the ones I shared in the short 4c hairstyles post. 

How can I make my 4c hair look good? 

I’m glad you are asking this question. Unfortunately, so many of us grew up thinking that kinky hair does not look good on its own. So we learn to manipulate our hair texture or hide it under a wig

Not anymore!

The best way to make your 4c hair look good is to style it in its natural state. Meaning, that instead of straightening it or putting it in braids you want to bring out your natural curls. 

How do I style my 4c hair naturally? 

As mentioned above, mastering natural hairstyles is about using as little manipulation as possible. Meaning, that the only things you want to use are bobby pins and some gel

Most easy natural hairstyles include a trick with which you define your curls and don’t take a lot of time. Some of my favorite styles include halo braids and a sleek 4c hair bun for shorter hair, or two-strand twists and box braids for protective styles

In order to style your 4c hair naturally, you have to take out time to learn about black hair and find out what hairstyles you can replicate without taking up much time. 

And the best way to get started is to follow creators in the natural hair community. 

What can I do with my medium-length hair? 

Before I share the different medium-length 4c hairstyles I found on the web, let’s look at general findings. 

It’s no secret that you can do more with longer hair than with short natural hair.

However, when it comes to medium-length 4c hair, the possibilities become endless. With medium-length hair, you can try out a natural hairstyle that would otherwise need 4c hair extensions, such as a top knot bun. 

Many beautiful 4c hairstyles are easier to do once you have long hair or very full hair. So if you are not quite there yet, but want to try out a trendy hairstyle for medium-length 4c hair, then consider getting some natural hair clip-ins or braiding hair.

Best medium-length 4c hairstyles

Even though 4c hair has very tight coils and is delicate in nature, there are still many stylish medium-length hairstyles that work well with this hair type. Here are some ideas:

1. Afro puff with bangs

afro puff with bangs
YT: Styleofcatalina

The first easy hairstyle is the Afro puff with bangs. It involves pulling your 4c hair up into a high bun and then emphasizing the volume and texture of your by fluffing it up.

This alternative, however, includes curly bangs that you separate out in the front of your head. To create the curls you can either do a quick twist out, braid out or even use a curling iron.

2. Wash and Go

wash and go
YT: Glam by merry

The next hairstyle is everybody’s favorite – a wash-and-go. This style is perfect for girls with shoulder-long natural hair because your curls shrink when they are very defined. To get this super curly natural hairstyle you will have to follow a few steps here.

3. Twisted updo

4c hair twisted updo
YT: Jane nashe

Style number three is the perfect style for a special event. The twisted updo is elegant and chic and the has girls on Instagram in a chokehold.

Why? Because it is not easy to do but will take your breath away every single time. While you might need to find a professional hairstylist if you want this twist hairstyle, it’s definitely worth it.

4. Twist out

4c hair twist out
YT: kbmaria

Compared to the last medium-length hairstyle, the twist-out is a very easy style and a staple for girls with coily and curly hair. It’s achieved by creating twists throughout your hair and then unraveling them to reveal a beautiful texture. The longer you leave your natural hair in twists, the more defined your hair comes out.

5. French braids low bun

French braids low bun
IG: the hairkulture

Next up is one of my favorite protective hairstyles, the french braids with a low bun. Classy and clean and perfect for short 4c hair with a little braiding hair or someone with thick medium length hair. And if you don’t know how to french braids, you can substitute those with some flat twists.

6. Perm rod set

Perm rod set
YT: westafricanbaby

Perm rod sets are yet something I need to try out myself. But they seem like a pretty simple hairstyle. All you need to do is to get the right hair products and ideally stretch your hair a little. That way the curls come out more defined after putting your natural hair into perm rods for a few hours or overnight.

7. Ninja bun braid out

ninja bun braid out
YT: chizi duru

Style number 7 is the ninja bin braid out. I love myself a good half up half down situation. So why not spice it up with a cute bun up top? This natural hairstyle has been my go-to ever since buying my beloved kinky curly clip-ins.

8. Claw Clip Hairstyle

Claw Clip Hairstyle
YT: Precious Bria

The claw clip hairstyle was so popular in 2022 and now it has disappeared. Well, either way, it’s a great style for casual days when you don’t have much time and need a quick and easy tutorial. My suggestion, buy your claw clip now, so you’re ready when you need it.

9. Double cornrows with low space buns

double cornrows with low space buns
YT: Trophie Douglas

Double cornrows with low space buns are perfect for medium hair. Because the bigger your buns, the better the look. Just make sure that you carefully braid each hair strand into the cornrows to avoid flyaways. Of course, you can also use some edge control or gel to sleek it down a little.

10. Sleek low bun with a swoop

Sleek low bun with swoop
YT: millenial black girl

Last but not least, a very classy and cute style – the sleek low bun with a swoop. Create a simple ponytail at the nape of your neck and elegantly tie it in a bun.

For the swoop, you want to draw a deep side part that will give you enough hair to drape it across your forehead. And no, you don’t need relaxed hair to get the look. But you might need some Eco Styler gel.

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