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10 Easy Short 4c Hairstyles

short 4c Hairstyles

Hey girl! Welcome to!

I’m Justine, the blogger behind it and my goal is to inspire your natural hair journey by providing you with cute 4c hairstyles for any length.

Since my big chop in 2020 has been completely natural and short.

So, it’s been fun trying out different hairstyles.

In this post, I am sharing 10 easy short 4c hairstyles that look beautiful and will make you fall in love with your natural hair.

young black woman showing off her curly hair crown while smiling down

10 beginner-friendly short 4c hairstyles

1. High Puff

two side-by-side pictures of black girl showing off her hair before and after a high puff hairstyle

The 4c hair high puff is a quick short natural hairstyle that you can rock anytime, without having to do much work.

In essence, it’s a simple ponytail that features your short afro up top instead of…well a ponytail.

All you need for it is a hair tie, a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush, some coconut oil to keep it moisturized, and finally some 4c hair gel to help you sleek back your natural hair.

Depending on the look you are going for, you won’t need hair extensions, however, you can always add a drawstring ponytail if you like.

For a beautifully detailed guide, check out Noellean’s simple tutorial for short 4c hair here. 

2. Flat Twists

three different angles of a black woman with a flat twist hairstyle

Another simple style for short 4c hair is flat twists. Very clean, easy to do, and a great hairstyle if you are looking to grow your 4c hair.

You start by detangling and stretching out your hair for optimal length. After that, you simply section your hair into two parts of your liking. 

To successfully flat twist your hair you take a small strand of your hair in the front and divide it into two pieces.

Bring your bottom piece to the top, while grabbing the top piece with your bottom hand. Keep feeding into the two pieces as you move forward. 

And if you do not know how to flat-twist, don’t worry this Flat Twist tutorial shows you step-by-step how to achieve this beautiful protective style. 

3. Halo Braid 

young black woman looking to the side while showing off her crown braid on her natural 4c hair

Probably one of my favorite styles for short 4c hair is the stunning halo braid with weave.

This sleek and princess-like hairstyle attracts everybody’s attention when you step into the room and it’s perfect for shorter hair too.

All you need to achieve a halo braid on short 4c natural hair is to sleek it back very tightly and then add a bundle of jumbo braiding hair to it.

Of course, to look extra cute, you want to make sure you lay your edges with some edge control.

For a very easy tutorial on how to create this stunning look, check out Mona B.’s tutorial here

4. Mohawk

two angles of young black woman with a frohawk

The Mohawk or in our case Frohawk is a fun and trendy protective hairstyle for short natural 4c hair that you can rock on any day of the week. 

Simply start by picking out your hair into a nice fro with as much volume as you can achieve.

Then use a hard bristle brush to smooth your hairline back and start pinning your sides down with bobby pins

For more security apply the bobby pins in an X-formation, meaning one across the other. Here is a detailed tutorial, check out this video at 3:20 min

5. Space Buns 

black woman with her hair in space buns looking into the camera

There is only one thing better than an updo as a protective hairstyle on 4c hair, and that is two updos. 

Space buns are a great way to look cute on a lazy hair day because they are quick and easy to do. And the best part is if you have short 4c hair you can just add some natural 4c hair clip-ins or braiding hair to get bigger buns.

Follow MsNaturallyMary’s tutorial at 5:20 for a quick tutorial on space buns. 

6. Half up/ half down 

3 pictures of a black girl with a half up half down natural hairstyle

For this short 4c hairstyle you will either need clip-in 4c hair extensions or have to crochet kinky hair in the back.

Either way, the look can be rocked with short hair or medium-length 4c hair

To get started with the style, you want to first section off your hair into two parts, with the top part being smaller than the back part. 

Next, you want to use edge control to smooth down your edges and achieve a sleek look on the top bun.

After that, all you need to do is to fluff out your back hair either into a fro or add some clip-ins for the desired length. 

Full half up/half down tutorial by Chev B. here. 

7. Low Sleek Bun 

front and side angle of black woman with a very sleek bun in front of red background

The low sleek bun is a classic and probably the sexiest hairstyle of all. It’s a perfect style for date night or a special event.

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a 4c hair bun, in general.

You can rock the bun naturally without adding any extensions or go all out with a long sleek ponytail or a big puff in the back. 

The best way to achieve this very slick look is to add some leave-in conditioner to your hair and section it into smaller parts.

After that, you add eco styling gel and brush all your hair to the back using a smoothing brush. 

Al there is left to do now is to wrap the braiding hair extensions around your small ponytail for a thicker bun.

It is a very simple hairstyle but if you need a step-by-step guide, check out this low sleek bun tutorial.

8. Sleek Top Bun

two angles of black woman with a sleek high bun with writing in the middle spelling: sleek high bun on natural hair

The sleek top bun follows the same steps as the low sleek bun with the difference that you brush your hair upwards rather than to the back. 

Here as well you can add extensions or braiding hair as you like. See how it’s done here.

9. Wash’n’go

black woman with a short natural hair wash and go smiling into the camera

Do you know what your natural curl pattern looks like? As a 4c hair Naturalista, it’s easy to assume that your hair is just kinky and not curly. 

But even those little curls can be defined.

While a wash n go is still outside of my comfort zone and I have yet to try it, I find it a great style if you have a teeny weeny afro (TWA).

While the process takes a litter longer than other short 4c hairstyles, it is still worth a try.

Ashley Boatemaa gives you a very detailed look at how to define your natural curls on 4c hair

10. Twist Out

three different angles showing the before and after of black woman doing a twist out on natural black hair

And of course, this list would not be complete one of the most popular healthy 4c hairstyles for short hair. The good ole twist out. 

The best way to achieve this bouncy look on your hair, you want to use my beloved LOC method. This will avoid frizz and define your curls better. 

While it’s not easy to get twist outs right every time on short natural hair, this video will teach you the perfect twist-out in 10 minutes.

With all these beautiful 4c short natural hairstyles highlighted above, you will be inspired to rock your own hair all summer, without needing the help of a hairstylist. 

Just make sure you keep your 4c hair well moisturized.

young black woman with natural hair pinned to one side smiling into the camera.

How do I style my short 4c natural hair?

Now, when it comes to styling your hair, you will need to be mindful of two things.

For one, you have to make sure that you use the right products for your hair texture. Like do you have curly hair, coily hair, or maybe fine hair?

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that you might need to find creative ways to make a hairstyle work.

A lot of the hair inspiration shared below may require you to use 4c hair extensions or braiding hair to make it work.

Either way, there are so many ways to style short 4c natural hair that will excite you just as much as a super natural-looking wig.

Below you will find 10 cute hairstyles, including a tutorial video for each.

How do you style 4C short natural hair for work?

Now let’s talk about something serious. There is this idea out there that short natural hair is not professional.

We feel like a short haircut is too masculine, or that our tight curls are too frizzy. But that’s not true.

You can create beautiful short 4c hairstyles that will look amazing at work or even at a red carpet event. No need for long hair.

front and back angle of black woman with a flat twist updo

Flat Twists Updo

A mix between a bun and simple flat twists is this cute number.

A flat twists updo starts off pretty much like the prior-mentioned hairstyle, with the only difference being that you twist and combine the ends into a bun.

A great option for work that will easily last all week.

Of course, you will need a certain hair length in order to rock the updo, however, if your hair is too short you can also simply do two-strand twists and pull them into a bun.

Watch this quick and easy tutorial for the details.

long vertival image of woman with a 4c hair brown braid, with writing above spelling: Easy short 4c hairstyles for beginners

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