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The Best Flat Irons For 4c Hair

Best flat irons for 4c hair

Word on the streets has it that the natural hair movement is over.

While I do not agree with that, I do believe and welcome the thought that we should be allowed to do whatever we want to do with our 4c hair. 

Do you want to rock your 4c hair naturally? Go for it!

Do you want to wear it straight? Go for it!

It’s just hair. It doesn’t define you and more importantly, it grows back. 

With that said, I figured I’d cater to the girls who want to switch things up and get into a sleek look for a while. 

After all, is about loving your 4c hair in any state.

Maybe you’re like me and your hair has grown so much that you are dying to see it straight or you have short hair and would like to try out a cute pixie cut.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you the best flat irons for 4c hair.

three different flat irons in front of white background

Here is a table of the best flat irons for natural hair on the market right now. For more details, read up on each product further below. 

Flat IronKey featuresPrice
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat IronCurrently on Sale for less than $31$99.99 on Amazon
Conair Infinity Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronCurrently on Sale for less than $30$24.97 on Amazon
HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline StraightenerAdjustable heat settings, perfect for any hair type$48.95 on Amazon
GHD Platinum+ Professional Styler Perfect for straightening and curling hair$279.00 on Amazon
Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat IronDual voltage, perfect for travl$156.50 on Amazon

What type of flat iron is best for 4c hair? 

Before choosing from one of the top flat irons below, it’s important to know the different types of hair straighteners available.

There are two types, ceramic and titanium. Both work on different natural hair types, but have different pros and cons.

Here are some useful facts:

Ceramic flat irons are known to be more gentle because they heat up slowly and more evenly.

That allows your hair to heat up from the inside out and hold the heat for longer, which is less damaging to your hair. 

The ceramic flat iron is a great option for you if you have thin soft hair. 

Titanium flat irons, on the other hand, heat up in seconds and tame even extremely coarse hair.

That requires fewer passes and leads to very smooth and sleek straight hair. However, given the excessive heat, it can lead to pattern loss. 

A titanium flat iron is best for women with thick kinky hair. 

black woman with blonde curly hair smiling into the camera while holding a flat iron in front of her face

Best flat irons for 4c hair

Obviously, I have not personally tried every single hair straightener that I’m recommending below. Your girl is not rich!

However, I did watch many YouTube videos and read a million reviews to bring you guys the best flat irons for natural African-American hair. 

And to make sure that there is something for everybody, I did choose tools that include important features and are in different price ranges. 

1) Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Blue Babyliss Pro flat iron in front of white background

If you are looking to achieve a salon-like silk press, then the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron is the perfect flat iron for you.

Its built-in ionic technology sleeks down any frizz or tangles, leading to shiny hair. 

While this flat iron is $100, the lightweight design and small plate size make it a great investment for girls who like to style their natural hair often. 

Check out the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron here.

2) Conair Infinity Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Infinity Pro flat iron in front of light grey background

As promised, I searched the web to bring you the best value for your coins. And the first flat iron definitely meets that criteria. 

The Conair Infinity Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron only costs $31, but features the latest technology, such as different heat settings.

It’s especially well-liked for how fast it heats up.

3) HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener

HSI professional flat iron in front of white background

Number 3 on my list is the HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener.

This Amazon favorite retails for less than $50, which makes it an affordable option. But besides the price, here are some key features. 

This ceramic heater includes tourmaline whose negative ions help reduce frizz.

However, it is perfect for every hair type, because it has adjustable heat settings which range from 140 °F – 450 °F. 

Another good thing about it is that it heats up quickly which reduces the time you spend straightening your hair. 

The only downside, the HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener does not include an automatic shut-off feature, which means you have to pay attention when using it. 

4) GHD Platinum+ Professional Styler 

GHD flat iron in front of white background

Now it wouldn’t feel right to publish a blog post all about the best flat irons for 4c hair, without including the Godfather of hair straighteners – GHD. 

The GHD Platinum+ Professional Styler is not just a basic flat iron but a high-quality styler that uses predictive technology while straightening your hair to achieve your desired results. 

The high-quality ceramic plates hold a steady 365 °F to protect your hair and ensure even heat distribution. 

But the best thing, in my opinion, are the rounded edges, which allow you to straighten as well as curl your hair easily.

I mean, if you are going to spend more than $200 on a flat iron, you might as well get one that can do it all. 

5) Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell flat iron in front of white background

Number 4 on this list is a classic. Paul Mitchell’s Neuro flat iron features wide titanium plates that are perfect for straightening thick natural black hair. 

Of course, it features temperature control and even dual voltage, which makes it perfect for travel. 

And in case you are worried about ironing your natural hair, the Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat Iron has a great safety feature.

A smart sense microchip that adjusts the temperature to avoid high heat, which could damage your curl pattern. 

Well, that’s the full list of the best flat irons for 4c hair. Choose wisely and straighten carefully. 

generic flat iron in front of white background

Does a silk press damage 4c hair? 

A silk press aka straightening 4c hair using hot tools can damage your hair strands if done too often.

However, if your natural hair is pretty healthy and you are using a heat protectant as well as the right flat iron, then you should be fine. 

How often should you flat iron your 4c hair?

As mentioned above, flat ironing your 4c hair too often can cause breakage and lead to frizzy hair and split ends. 

I personally only get a silk press every 3 to 4 months when I need my 4c hair trimmed. Outside of those times, I straighten my natural hair without heat

But I digress.

Unless you have very fine hair, you should straighten your 4c hair no more than once a month. That way you give your curly hair time to recover and revert back to its 4c natural hair texture

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young black woman in a hair salon showing off blow blow dried hair

How hot should a flat iron be for 4c hair? 

The ideal flat iron temperature for 4C hair is between 350°-400° degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you have fine hair, you want to keep it at a lower temperature somewhere between 300 °F – 325 °F degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keeping the temperature range above will avoid heat damage.

When choosing the best hair straightener for you, make sure that it has adjustable temperature settings. 

light skin black woman with thick afro holding a flat iron to her hair

How to flat iron 4c hair? 

  • For the best results, start on clean natural hair. Ideally directly after shampooing and deep conditioning your natural hair. 
  • To simplify the process, work on your hair in small sections. Whether you have thick hair or not, it will make the process easier. 
  • Apply heat protection to your 4c hair before getting started with the flat iron. It will protect your hair a little while giving it a smooth and shiny look.  

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