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Wigs for 4c hair

wigs for 4c hair

If there is one thing that I have learned since starting, then it’s that you will need a lot of patience. 4c hair tends to grow at a much slower pace than the other hair types. Meaning that it can take a while until you are able to rock beautiful 4c hairstyles

This is why I am a big fan of wigs. While they allow you to rock beautiful different looks, they also double as a protective style and can help you grow your natural hair underneath. 

And what better way to use fake hair, than choosing natural-looking wigs for 4c hair. 

That’s why in this blog post, I’m sharing a few reasons why you should consider getting wigs for 4c hair on your journey towards healthy and long 4c hair.

Are wigs good for 4C hair?

But first, let’s talk about the most important question you may have: “Are wigs good for 4c hair?”.

The simple answer is yes. Wigs are good for 4c hair because they allow you to wear your natural hair in a protective style such as cornrows. That will help with your hair growth tremendously because you are not touching or manipulating your hair for days, maybe even weeks, at a time. 

In addition, to natural hair wigs being a great option for protective styling it also allows you to switch up your look and be creative when styling your hair. 

What kind of wig looks most natural?

The kind of wigs that looks the most natural on women with 4c hair is of course afro kinky human hair full lace wigs. That is simply because they imitate the exact hair structure of our natural hair. 

The curl patterns, the length, and the density of the hair are very similar to ours and therefore make it easy to “fool” others if that’s what you are looking for lol. 

Either way, 4c hair wigs are great because they closely resemble our natural hair and curl pattern. Just make sure you go for human hair rather than synthetic hair.

natural hair wigs

What is the easiest wig to wear?

With so many different types of wigs out nowadays, from full lace wigs for 4c hair to half wigs for 4c hair and 4c hair extensions, it’s important to choose what type of wig suits your lifestyle best. 

Do you want something that is easy to install? Or do you want something that allows you to change up your hair parting? 

I, personally enjoy full lace wigs as they require no leave-out and can easily be thrown on. 

Natural hair wigs on Amazon for 4c hair

As of late, Amazon has really become a great platform for natural hair wigs. You will almost always find the same vendors on Amazon as we used to on AliExpress, with the advantage of having multiple reviews. 

The following three I found are highly rated and look very much like 4c hair:

Half wig for natural hair

A half wig, just like a full lace wig can be very easy to install and therefore is a very popular choice for many Naturalistas. 

However, because you are leaving out a significant amount of your natural hair you oftentimes have to style and manipulate it to match the wig. 

The following half wigs are highly rated on Amazon and are easy to install.

4c hair extensions

Even though hair extensions are not really a wig, I figured it would be nice to show you girls this alternative as I know many women enjoy them. 

While a wig completely covers a part of your entire hair, hair extensions are put in between your hair. Most of the time we use them to increase volume or length, not so much to protect our hair.

They also come in very handy when you are attempting a medium-length 4c hairstyle with your short natural hair and just want to add a few strands of hair to make the look come together. 

Below are a few Amazon vendors that sell affordable and well-reviewed 4c hair extensions.

Ombre Human Hair Extensions

Afro Coily Clip-In Extensions

Kinky Coarse Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

4c hair extensions

How much should a good wig cost?

Even though I already linked a bunch of wigs for 4c hair above, it’s important to mention what a reasonable price range looks like. 

One thing I noticed is that wigs for 4c hair often seem to be more expensive than other human hair wigs. I assume that is because there is less supply of hair. Which will hopefully change in the future. 

With that being said a professional human hair wig for 4c hair can easily cost you between $300 to $500, depending on what type of hair it is. Naturally, the more exotic the hair is, the more expensive the wig. 

However, nowadays there are pretty solid human hair wigs that are not 100% human hair and still last for months. These wigs, as linked above, are available on Amazon and will cost you between $70 to $250. 

So, if you are just getting started in the wig game, it is smart to invest in a more affordable one to get a feel for it. If you then decide that you like it, you might want to invest a little more moving forward. 

Best human hair wigs websites

Now, if you are feeling boogie and want to invest in a luxury wig, then there are many websites where you can get quality wigs for 4c hair. 

Some of the best human hair wigs websites include:

True and Pure Texture

Kinky Curly Yaki 

Natural Girl Wigs

Of course, these are just a few of many human hair wigs, however, I have been following them closely and know that their hair consistently gets great feedback. 

This is everything I have to share about wigs for 4c hair at this point. If you have tried certain installs or brands, please share them below.

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